Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Yes, I am blogging. Yes, I suck at keeping it up. So here's a new post....

Ken had to miss Halloween this year, he was working. Work is a good thing, having a job is an even better thing. Our Halloween was not too bad. Since Aidan was just a newborn I have been planning costumes in August, yes August. Why? Because the early bird catches the worm and it might be the only thing in my life I do not procrastinate at. I even had my decorations out before October. I just love Halloween.
Aidan decided last year he was going to reuse his Darth Vader costume...cha ching!! That outfit of darkness was $40 last year. The only thing he wanted to add to it was gloves. I can do $12 gloves. The dark side was complete. Miss Chloe decided in July she wanted to be a lady bug. She had found some wings I picked up in the dollar section of Target a few years ago in her room while I was packing. Hmm black tights, black turtleneck, and throw together a black and red tutu, done. So I got the whole costume for $9. It gets even better for Owen, we found Aidan's second Halloween costume from when he was a year old. He was a big baby and was in a 2t at 14 months. Works for me, therefore Owen was a devil.

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Sarah, Three Boys said...

Oh I hope you haven't stopped blogging!! Your kids are adorable and I love their costumes!! Thanks so much for visiting!!