Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Yes, I am blogging. Yes, I suck at keeping it up. So here's a new post....

Ken had to miss Halloween this year, he was working. Work is a good thing, having a job is an even better thing. Our Halloween was not too bad. Since Aidan was just a newborn I have been planning costumes in August, yes August. Why? Because the early bird catches the worm and it might be the only thing in my life I do not procrastinate at. I even had my decorations out before October. I just love Halloween.
Aidan decided last year he was going to reuse his Darth Vader costume...cha ching!! That outfit of darkness was $40 last year. The only thing he wanted to add to it was gloves. I can do $12 gloves. The dark side was complete. Miss Chloe decided in July she wanted to be a lady bug. She had found some wings I picked up in the dollar section of Target a few years ago in her room while I was packing. Hmm black tights, black turtleneck, and throw together a black and red tutu, done. So I got the whole costume for $9. It gets even better for Owen, we found Aidan's second Halloween costume from when he was a year old. He was a big baby and was in a 2t at 14 months. Works for me, therefore Owen was a devil.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

February catch up

My very neglected blog is going to see a little love today. Here is the quick run down on February, one of the best months, because it's my birthday month.

Chloe thinks that markers are makeup. Crayola washable markers are one of those super fabulous inventions.

More to come... I really thought I was going to blog. But a good friend always goes shopping when asked. ;o)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chloe might be the next Martha Stewert

She is such a little ray of sunshine, always singing, dancing and smiling. 

This is how Chloe serves cookies. Ha Ha
She was messing around in the pantry yesterday and brought mommy a cookie. She gets big serving points for adding a special touch. I had planned on saving these great cupcake papers I found at the dollar store for Owen's birthday (July 4th). Well obviously Chloe had different serving ideas than I did for them. I thought it was very creative and original. What do you think?

Super Star

Last Friday a super happy Steven Schoor student came off the bus. He got a Super Star award. He was sitting the quietest during an assembly. Go figure my Aidan. Today he came home with a letter from school. It was letting us know that he was chosen from his whole class to be able to have lunch with the principal. Only one student per class gets to do this and they only do this once a month. I am so proud of my Super Star Aidan. He has come a long way in only one short month.

Last month Aidan was diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, I am not sure which one because I never asked the Dr which of the ones he had. It has been a tough journey but we have conquered it and are so glad we did. Ken was very against it at first saying he didn't want him on "drugs". Ken is now OK with it, and sees that it has made a huge improvement in him. Aidan has shown so much improvement in school. He was getting in trouble daily, no fun for me to have the teacher call every day to tell me the things he had done that day. For him to have such positive things happening to him at school it is wonderful for him and his self esteem. It is helping me to be a calmer mommy as well. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas 2008

 Ya I know I haven't blogged in forever. Well a month. At least it is not as far behind as I am in scrapbooking. Cough, Cough, 4 1/2 bad. 

Anyway the kids had a really good Christmas. They were super surprised since the presents didn't get put under the tree until Christmas Eve, while they were sleeping. Chloe would have opened them all up. She's sneaky like that. I am pretty sure she would not have had to convince Aidan not to help her either. 

We spent Christmas Eve with my brother Brandon, his girlfriend Vicki, and their son Talan. The kids love their cousin and the house goes up about 5 noise levels once he gets here. My kids are loud kids, but add one more 2 year old and WOW.

Chloe asked Santa for a Worm, just like the kids from John and Kate plus Eight have. She loves that show. 
Aidan asked for a build your own Light Saber. It's pretty cool, lots of pieces. ( fun, fun, fun!!)
Owen got a Giraffe stand up toy. Aidan had the same one when he was a baby but this is the super duper updated version.

Here's a few pics for now. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

Well it not the usual weather for Las Vegas. Today we left for the library around 11:30. It was lightly snowing but I really didn't think too much of it. We got there and it was still snowing but not sticking. Did our things there. Got back in the car, drove thru Del Taco for lunch, and yup it was still snowing. Drove back onto Las Vegas Blvd to head home. The farther South we got on LV Blvd I was noticing more and more white stuff. Holy Cow!!! It is sticking to the ground. We pulled onto our street and our front yard was white. 

The kids ate lunch quickly and then got as bundled up as we can for not having typical winter attire for snow. Hey it's Vegas we have lots of swim attire...LOL. They loved it, they had a blast running in it and throwing snow balls at each other and me. It is now 10pm and still snowing. I just checked a local news web site and LOL, there is no school tomorrow it is a "Snow Day". Isn't that funny for Las Vegas? Um YEAH!!! Aidan didn't have school today because of Parent Teacher Conferences. 

P.S. Izzy the new puppy LOVES snow. Lexie would rather be on her warm bed inside.