Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Super Star

Last Friday a super happy Steven Schoor student came off the bus. He got a Super Star award. He was sitting the quietest during an assembly. Go figure my Aidan. Today he came home with a letter from school. It was letting us know that he was chosen from his whole class to be able to have lunch with the principal. Only one student per class gets to do this and they only do this once a month. I am so proud of my Super Star Aidan. He has come a long way in only one short month.

Last month Aidan was diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, I am not sure which one because I never asked the Dr which of the ones he had. It has been a tough journey but we have conquered it and are so glad we did. Ken was very against it at first saying he didn't want him on "drugs". Ken is now OK with it, and sees that it has made a huge improvement in him. Aidan has shown so much improvement in school. He was getting in trouble daily, no fun for me to have the teacher call every day to tell me the things he had done that day. For him to have such positive things happening to him at school it is wonderful for him and his self esteem. It is helping me to be a calmer mommy as well. 

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