Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas 2008

 Ya I know I haven't blogged in forever. Well a month. At least it is not as far behind as I am in scrapbooking. Cough, Cough, 4 1/2 bad. 

Anyway the kids had a really good Christmas. They were super surprised since the presents didn't get put under the tree until Christmas Eve, while they were sleeping. Chloe would have opened them all up. She's sneaky like that. I am pretty sure she would not have had to convince Aidan not to help her either. 

We spent Christmas Eve with my brother Brandon, his girlfriend Vicki, and their son Talan. The kids love their cousin and the house goes up about 5 noise levels once he gets here. My kids are loud kids, but add one more 2 year old and WOW.

Chloe asked Santa for a Worm, just like the kids from John and Kate plus Eight have. She loves that show. 
Aidan asked for a build your own Light Saber. It's pretty cool, lots of pieces. ( fun, fun, fun!!)
Owen got a Giraffe stand up toy. Aidan had the same one when he was a baby but this is the super duper updated version.

Here's a few pics for now. Enjoy!!

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